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October 10, 2021

WELCOME BACK to the CHANNEL... Category is... Jeffree Star Myspace and high school era recreated!! Celebrating 20 YEARS ago We first discovered makeup! The WEIRDO collection from Jeffree Star Cosmetics is not just a throwback, but a homage to the little Jeffrey Lynn Steininger who was just finding out the obsession and passion for makeup. And not only are we revealing and swatching the Weirdo mini palette and collection, but we also dive into the high school year book for the first time since We graduated... We recreate the old iconic legendary and insane MYSPACE PHOTOS for this campaign!!!
🖤 ANDDDD if that couldn't be enough, We also unveil the JSC HALLOWEEN Mystery Boxes!!!!!! Let's get spooky. These photoshoots and going down memory lane were so amazing and We couldn't be more grateful for this insane journey I've had over the years... LOVE AND LIPSTICK.

🎃 EVERYTHING LAUNCHES ON OCT. 15TH @ 10AM PST!!!!!!! Watch the entire video for swatches, packaging and the FULL spiritual tea!

❤️ WEIRDO Mini Palette - 9 shades ($28.00)

🕷 Supreme Gloss - $20
F***ing Freak
Beauty Killer
In A Dark Place

👻 Velvet Trap - $18
Throwing Up Cereal
Top 8
Best Hair
Basic HTML
Blood of the Enemies
Trench Coat

🔪 Fashion & Accessories
Razor Blade Purse - $35
Weirdo Mirrors - $30

Weirdo Collection Bundle $220 / $266 value
Weirdo Velvet Trap Bundle $90 / $108 value
Weirdo Supreme Gloss Bundle $80 /100 Value
Weirdo On The Go Bundle $130 / $157 value

Scene Queen and Weirdo Hoodies – $55 each
Death Long Sleeve – $40
Black or White Weirdo Trucker Hat – $30 each

🖤 Mystery Boxes
Premium (White) - Contains 6 items – $65 /$126 Value
Deluxe (Black)- Contains 10 items – $140 /$266 Value
Supreme (Red) - Contains 15 items $ 200 /$412 Value

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