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June 3, 2022

The Sound Bath is a new podcast from Lush Cosmetics that explores what personal, social, and environmental care and wellbeing really mean in today's society.

Hosted by surrealist blues poet, storyteller and organizer Aja Monet, we're diving deep into intimate discussions to uncover ideas that transform and reveal who we are.

For author Jason Reynolds, sometimes “slaying dragons” means writing #1 New York Times bestselling youth fiction. Sometimes it’s about kicking back to watch the game with his friends or spending Sundays with family. Jason joins Aja to talk about building intergenerational trust and how to play a game he invented called Brain Yoga, as well as some of the things we might discover in ourselves by really unplugging.

This podcast is designed to be enjoyed in the bath and each episode includes a built-in music meditation from The Dojo Upstate, so start the water, lie back and soak in The Sound Bath.

Make sure to follow @TheSoundBathPod on Twitter and stay connected.

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