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May 23, 2022

The Sound Bath is a new podcast from Lush Cosmetics that explores what personal, social, and environmental care and wellbeing really mean in today's society.

Hosted by surrealist blues poet, storyteller and organizer Aja Monet, we're diving deep into intimate discussions to uncover ideas that transform and reveal who we are.

Hope Giselle is all about self-love. As the first openly trans woman to graduate with a MFA from conservative Alabama State University, she’s learned to put her mental health first while challenging people on the opposite side of the political spectrum. When it comes to confronting a bully or a racist, she says sometimes it’s ok to say, “Today, We don’t have the power.” But if you do step up—you should do so with the full knowledge of what it is that you’re stepping into.

In this episode, the author of Becoming Hope: Removing the Disguise shares her modern social take on trans and Black bodies in public spaces, how to love yourself enough to be in love and how to relax and “wear the bathing suit” when you’re being judged.

This podcast is designed to be enjoyed in the bath and each episode includes a built-in music meditation from The Dojo Upstate, so start the water, lie back and soak in The Sound Bath.

Make sure to follow @TheSoundBathPod on Twitter and stay connected.

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