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November 5, 2021

#LushChristmas2021 #SnowFairy

At last, the Snow Fairy is here, sprinkling kindness, courage, and confidence to those who need it most. Watch as a sweet scent and lustrous pink trails spark one child's journey through an enchanted forest and into Snow Fairy's magical world. This story is brought to you by the friends at Lush UK.

Love sweet treats? Then you'll love Snow Fairy. Each year, when Snow Fairy flutters onto the shelves and into the lives, we're treated to cotton candy-scented delights, pink foam, plastic-free sparkles, sweet bubbles, and moments of self-care.
Director: Rogan van den Berg
Creative & Art Director: Nella Addy
Executive Creative Director: Carl Addy

Storyboard: Nella Addy, Nicolas Rix
Character Design: Nella Addy
Backgrounds: Nella Addy

RedStrings Studios
Executive Producer: Liza Uys
Producer: Jovan Janari

Animation Supervisor: Nicolas Rix
Key Animation: Nicolas Rix, Nella Addy, Sasha Perdigao , Wafiq Abrahams, Skye Davis
In-Between Animation: Nicolas Rix, Wafiq Abrahams, Sasha Perdigao, Tiaan Truter, Nella Addy, Skye Davis
Clean Up and Color: Nicolas Rix, Wafiq Abrahams, Sasha Perdigao, Tiaan Truter, Nella Addy, Tristan Chesselet, Skye Davis
Compositing: Dewald van der Merwe, Candice Wainwright

Sound Design & Score: Mountwavemusic (Matthew Dickinson, James Acker)

See what the Snow Fairy brings this year:

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