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August 15, 2022

#LushHowItsMade #LushSkincare

Join Compounder Alex and Content Creator Sam Montgomery as they create the newest batch of Happy Face Enzymic Facial Exfoliator, a brightening and nourishing plant-based scrub.

Happy Skin is made with a host of beneficial ingredients, which include freshly-squeezed pineapple and jackfruit juices that brighten and clarify your skin. It also contains plastic-free and plant-based scrubbers like tagua nut powder and bamboo stem extract to buff off the rough stuff without creating micro-tears in the skin or polluting the waterways. And finally, a whole heap of soothing and smooth butters and oils so Happy Skin leaves you feeling fresh and soft.

Sam and Alex show exactly you how we whip it up before it heads to a store shelf near you.

If you have any other requests for future How It's Made videos, let know in the comments below.

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