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August 23, 2022

This year, when dozens of bills were being proposed in state legislatures to ban or limit what educators could or could not say in the classrooms, we stood together to Teach Truth.

Because when standard history curriculums fail to teach a fuller narrative—one that includes the experiences of the poor, of BIPOC communities, of women, and of the queer community—we fail to learn the truth in the history.

Through the sale of the limited-edition Knowledge Bath Bomb, you helped raise $355,000 to support educators with the tools and resources they need to share these vital stories of the traditionally disenfranchised.

Your purchase supported the work of We Dream Library, which connects students, caregivers and educators to intersectional 2SQTBIPoC literary selections, as well as anti-racism and DEI training resources.

The money you helped raise also bought 13,000 copies of “The Rebellious Life Of Mrs. Rosa Parks”, which were distributed to educators primarily in states with laws passed or pending that ban teachings on institutionalized racism—which Rosa Parks spent much of her life resisting.

In addition, 9 other organizations received funding to ensure that educators have the tools and resources they need to teach truth—building a stronger future for everyone.

Thank you for supporting this important work!

Read more about Teach Truth and why it is important we intentionally disrupt traditional lessons by centering a whole analysis of where we have been—in turn empowering students to critique and chart where we are going:

For more information on choosing books to end bias:

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